Exclusive Erito Discount

59 cents a day – $17.95 – 30 Days

33 cents a day – $9.99/mo. – One Year


Average Membership Price: $29.99 per month

Erito has Japanese gals that will lead you into the deep waters of oriental seduction. They have charm; they have erotic bodies, asses, boobs, and the tightest and nastiest holes that will predictably give you a hard prick. They promise you that with your one membership you will have access to various sites.


They also make sure to state that they are updating regularly and they are advancing the quality of their material to HD action. All these promises sound…well…promising! So, we really had to check them out!

The first step is to log into the site and travel to the membership area. There are multiple sites inside there and you will find 109+ models. These are the finest Japanese gals that the site has managed to round up and it definitely shows! When you examine their bodies, you will see the erotic radiance shining through, tempting you, playing with your cravings! The site updates daily with multiple updates. A soon as you have decided where you want to begin, you will be able to move forward very easily. They offer soft and hardcore porn.

These guys are not so old, but they have managed to come up with 484+ videos with promise of more coming every day. You will find many milfs waiting to show you why old is gold, teens learning all the hardcore ropes when it comes to sex, cosplay action, costume, fantasy, and general Japanese porn. The gals do all the penetrations you like including anal, pussy, fingering, blowjobs, and so on. The gals may look shy, but when the director start rolling, that shyness turns into sexual energy that oozes from the material in sorts of ways. If you like the outdoor sex niche, you will find lots of examples inside here that will show you why we consider these Japanese sexy vixens some of the best! The erotica is pure and the seduction and hardcore sex scenes are shot in great filming angles and production.

We need to tell you that the action inside is a bit different for other mainstream hardcore sex porn sites. You see, the Japanese hardcore scenes blur the actual penetration of the penis into the vagina. They will not show you this part at all, but they will show you pubic hairs. So, if this is something that aggravates but you still can live with it, good, because this is the only disappoint that these guys have. They have lot of HD movies inside. We dint see any pic galleries or downloading options, just streaming options!

Erito does have a lot of japans models and porn, but they also have some shortfalls. The good thing is that the positive aspects of the site far outweigh any negatives you will encounter. Overall, we would recommend this site for those interested in the Japanese niche.

Pink Visual

Exclusive Pink Visual Discount

77 cents a day – $23.31/mo. – 90 Days

26 cents a day – $7.83/mo. – 365 Days


Average Membership Price: $29.95 per month

Pink Visual Pass is stepping into the all-in-one porn pass market with its offering of 28 porn sites. It is claiming that it has the power to provide 95 updates every month! The network is also boldly saying that it has 2180+ videos and 2180+ picture galleries for members to begin enjoying. And what of the categories that it covers? There is no mainstream porn niche that these guys shy away from! Now, all this is well and good and we are eager to find out more about this network.


One rule of thumb that we have come to realize when it comes to the adult entertainment industry is that the better looking the models are, the more entertaining the material inside is. This is true for this network of sites. You will see many famous faces inside from various ethnic backgrounds. This is a good sign since it means lots of variety. The basic navigation map that they have provided for members is encouraging also. The latest updates can be seen on the homepage. You will find links that will link you to videos that have the highest rating, most watched, and updates. They have not labeled the episodes so that they can make it easy to identify which site the episode comes from. This is a light issue; you can go to the individual sites also and check out the material inside.

You will have flash player (to stream) and video formats for downloading. The reaction we had when we looked at the videos was that they are studio production quality. The new videos are in HD formats. We found the pic sets can have as many as 200 images each. The zip file was definitely handy for downloading. Using the search feature given, you will easily locate all the models and stars inside this network. This search feature also helps in finding the right kind of material to get your motor running!

This megasite is very good when it comes to the variety of material that they have. Gangbang, strip tease, reality, hardcore, coeds, milfs, butts and boobs, plus a deep rich variety of genres inside all keep you very busy. You get to rank the material as well as add all the episodes you consider to be your favorites! Can you believe that these guys also have a bonus content tab inside their network? They do, and you can catch more action including third party video feeds. You will find other small details and thing inside that really make this network pass very well rounded!

Pink Visual Pass is a rising star that you need to hitch a ride to and enjoy all the benefits of such a quality mega site. They do mix a lot together in order for you can have a memorable time inside. You should check out these guys!


Exclusive VideosZ Discount

59 cents a day – $17.95 – 30 Days

33 cents a day – $10.00/mo. – One Year


Average Membership Price: $29.95 per month

VideosZ creates this comfortable environment where members can have hundreds of porn movies and models at the touch of a button! The archive that these guys are offering is like porn paradise for those not willing to spend hundreds of dollars for the smut movies they like.


The archives you will see inside contain some high quality porno. They have always worked very hard trying to add more and more porno to their archives. That is why they have over 15407 DVD movies inside! This large amount of material is what draws in the crowds and what has made us review them here today so that you know what exactly you are getting into. VideosZ contains a search engine. This engine brings you all the results once you type in what your craving is demanding. There is DVD menu browsing option inside. You will also find the material has been cut into other categories like pornstars, features, series, DVD, and so on.

You will be able to locate various genres and studio production easily once inside. Nothing inside the navigational features looks too glitzy, but they all do their job and get you where you need to be. Operational, simple, and standard navigational tools! You can select more than one niche to get things rolling inside the archive section. When you get the DVD porno action that slaps you in the face and demands you watch it, you can click on it, and you will be transferred to the page that shows you all the scenes. The thumbs and the light descriptions are awesome since they let you sample and see if this is really what you want to start with, or not!

DVD action inside is classified according to niches. There is the online flash player that makes streaming a joy. You will find avi, mp4, and windows media file formats available. Scenes can be 25 minutes, and do they have HD material? They sure do! As for the pornstars and the niches they cover, you will find a very rich collection inside. Depraved and sexual smuts will take part in all your favorite hardcore genres including massive facials, anal, pussy play, lesbian, orgies, DP, blowjobs, and all other niches we know you love watching. Hardcore is what you get since it is hardcore you thirst for! Personally, we don’t know how a site can have over 90000 scenes! That is just crazy, but that is exactly what these guys bring. No doubts here, you are never going to run out of material to watch inside this site.

If it looks great, feels great, and acts great, then it’s great! That is what we fell about VideosZ. It’s simply amazing how much porno material you can have inside this site, check them out now!

ATK Galleria

Exclusive ATK Galleria Discount

83 cents a day – $24.99 – 30 Days

72 cents a day – $21.66/mo. – 90 Days


Average Membership Price: $29.99 per month

ATK Galleria is like Goliath in size when it comes to amateur porno. They may very well be the biggest site in existence when it comes to amateur pay-sites porno. They didn’t do this all overnight. It took guts, hard work, constant improvements, and constant updates.


The beautiful gals that walk freely inside are all between the ages of 18 to 23. They definitely help in making this Amateur Teen Kingdom a splendid place for sure. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you will be glued to this site, shall we!
It’s the content that makes these guys so famous and so freaking awesome. They have galleries that are loaded with 9500 videos and over 26948 picture galleries. They have collected well over 2500 models and they just keep on doing it over and over again. They don’t quit! You will have 3 different sizes when it comes to the picture gallery, from these you will have super resolution ones that hit well over 3000 pixels. They love pictures and will make you a new convert to their teen ways with the great production that they use in coming up with the pictures.

For the ATK Galleria videos, mov, mp4, window media, mpeg, are the formats you receive. Who said that they don’t offer HD movies? They are lying because we saw 1080p HD action that made us want to smack somebody with excitement!
It’s the furious updating schedule that they have always come up with that has made them such huge porno providers. They do 6 updates every week making sure that your level of fun with the teen models never comes close to being bored! Things are always so fresh! Old as they are, they have adapted very well in this “hard-to-please” adult entertainment industry. They have been able to cover niches like hardcore sex, solo, masturbation, fetish, lingerie, and other fabulous genres. This has kept them popular among teen porn lovers and kept them relevant all these years. And the amazing thing is that they have exclusive action inside.

The archive of material inside is paired with a site that is a joy to navigate. Let’s look at the user interface. To be able to allow members to reign in the big galleries they have, this site has designed a layout that is simple but very functional. The models of course have their own spot where you can peruse the hundreds of teen models inside. The directory of models gives you the ability to locate all the gals that make you cringe and sigh with pleasure very fast. They also have section for the pictures and the movies. You will see the updates rolling in like clockwork and they come with some information. No issues arise when you are downloading or streaming because they have fast servers catering to member’s high demands. Material is split into genre for easier access. The member’s area does have some up sells advertisements, but you can still accomplish everything you wanted to do with minimal upheaval.

When somebody even mentions the words ATK Galleria, we get a massive chubby thinking of how good these guys are! It’s all amazing stuff inside with amateur hardcore porn that is some of the best in the market. You have to get a membership here; it’s really for your own good!


Exclusive ManoJob Discount

66 cents a day – $19.98/mo. – 90 Days


Average Membership Price: $29.95 per month

Mano, in Spanish, means hand and Job of course, spells out a hand job. What a clever name for a porn site that features the hottest and the best hand jobs as of now. The ManoJob gals are the true superstars of the site. While a hand job is a hand job, the women certainly do a very good job of showcasing their talent when it comes to blowing a dick.


Sucking, stroking and cajoling, a beautiful combination for all those people who love a good hand job show. Stoke away to glory as they broadcast a good show for all the viewers to review and see.

The 725 videos are shot in a POV style so that the focus is completely on the chick. The men just have to stand there while the women give the men a beautiful mouth fuck. All these women crave for is the white gooey man juice and they will stop at nothing till their mouth is filled with loads of it. What the men get in return? A chance to have a silent fuck without any type of hassles! A no strings attached mouth fuck.

Check out the 708 photo sets also which come as a part of the site’s membership. While the videos are playing the background, you can check out the vid caps as well. Each galleries are available in zip files which you can download and play as and when you require. Imagine covering the women’s boobs with your cum as she blows you coyly with her mouth. The perfect hand job from a woman of your dreams…amazing!

ManoJob is updated twice a week so that you have a lot of fresh content to review every week. This is not all, for you even get access to some bonus sites which include the likes of Dick Suckers, Chelci Fox and Mr. POV. If you certainly want to enjoy the benefit of movies worth your money, then this is the site network to be associated with. After all, your money needs to be invested in the right kind of porn channels, what say?


Exclusive DogFart Discount

66 cents a day – $19.99 – 30 Days

27 cents a day – $8.33/mo. – One Year


Average Membership Price: $34.99 per month

Sex is the key thing which drives everyone today. The bigger the dicks, the harder the moans of the women. The harder the moans, the more pleasure the viewers get after seeing the videos and pics. Dogfart network is like a mega site; made up of a series of smaller websites, the network is every viewer’s paradise. Made up of 22 smaller sites, the mega network site is out to make people gasp at the content’s clarity and HD approach.


The moment you log in to the network, you will see a plethora of websites displayed on the front page itself. This is one of the benefits of having the access of a mega site like Dog Fart. However, the only sad part is that you can’t browse all the content together. But the search parameters more than make up for this con. Look for your favorite porn stars and enjoy the way the world sees porn.

Stream your videos or download them as per your wish. Thankfully, the navigation is very crisp and clear, allowing you to screen through the site at your convenience. Each video is rated with a concise write up so that the viewers get an idea of what to expect when they open the video. Add you favorite video to your list of favorites so that you can keep viewing your favorites later on.

Dogfart features 1100 models; there are close to 3370 videos and 2934 galleries, each one better than the other. Some of the other sites include the likes of Cuckold sessions, Zebra girls, as well as Ruth Blackwell. Apart from these, there are many other sites associated with this network so that you have a lot more to expect from the mega network.

The movies are extremely high definition, giving you a very good view of the fucking and sucking sessions. If you are an avid fan of interracial porn, then there is no reason why you should not visit this website. If your heart craves variety and nothing but the best, then you should check out this wondrous website which will give extra content to satisfy your desires.


Exclusive Brazzers Discount

59 cents a day – $17.99 – 30 Days

33 cents a day – $9.95/mo. – One Year


Average Membership Price: $29.95 per month

When people talk about the Brazzers network, they sing its praises and say that there is none like it in all the land! When people heap such praises on a network, there are many who become very suspicious.


We, today, want to dispel all your suspicion by telling you what you really need to know…they are great!

Yeah we love em, but it’s for a good reason! First, we like that they are the pioneers of the reality niche of hardcore porno. We also appreciate they look for new talent and give us big tits, asses, pornstars, niches, hardcore, all wrapped up in high quality production.

The network does update daily with multiple new scenes. They run various sites. They like themed action and they have a penchant for making creative reality porno. Have you ever had humor served up next to your hardcore porno? If not, then this network is going to give you such a sumptuous meal to eat up! And even if they love the tits and asses, they also do lesbian, orgies, anal, fantasies, gangbangs, massage porno, and some very intense gagging and anal scenes that will leave your eyes (and dick) watery!

Brazzers has well over 1330 pornstars inside. Impressive huh? They have the queens of milf action; they have babes, petite young ones, and new comers itching for some spotlight, which they get inside this network. The variety of gals is great! The thing they love is being ahead of the curve when it comes to quality. Whether it’s HD or super HD, this network is known for having lots of material that is refined to the highest standards. They have both 720p and 1080p resolution videos and these files are normally very big!

They also produce the action on their own, so you get professional services from people who just love it when you cum! The lighting is solid and camera crews do their job…make visually vivid porno! You will find mpeg, mp4, windows media, and flv formats inside. The browsing features and navigation system are solid, functional, user friendly, ready to serve you! They have tags and categories. They have model index and various methods of slicing up the material inside. They take members feedback and actually do something about it, be it add new scenes, new gals, old gals, or new sites.

Adding up to 4 scenes every day means that they have grown to over 5000 scenes. They are still top-dogs when it comes to porno and they don’t want to lose that spot. So, this means you get more services, more hardcore, more Brazzers! You really owe it to yourself to check out this network!


Exclusive Videobox Discount

40 cents a day – $12.00 – 30 Days

26 cents a day – $8.00/mo. – One Year


Average Membership Price: $15.00 per month

Videobox fights with no one when it comes to the amount of DVD porno material they have to offer. They lead, and really, everyone else simply follows. How can they not lead when they have well over 17000 DVD movies that produce a staggering 80000+ scenes!


People are always looking for the best deals and this one (membership to their site) is the best mega deal in the market! Let’s not get too excited and forget to give you good information about this site. Let’s be methodical and see what is in store for you!

The package deal you receive from these guys means you have well over 100 niches of hardcore porn. Practically you will see all the pornstars inside this site plus hundreds more who you are not intimately familiar with. This means that they have increased their 12000+ pornstars and models inside, so be ready for a whole lot of porno!

There is nothing you can say that will make this site not be the biggest on the internet. The kind of numbers they offer are ridiculous, unbelievable, and they keep on growing. Now they seem to update daily with multiple updates of DVD movies. You cannot exhaust their galleries, you can try, but you just can’t! You know that pornstar you fell madly in lust with and then she just poof disappeared? Well you can definitely locate her on this site. They just have such deep archives that if you cannot find here, she really did actually disappear completely!

The good thing about Videobox is that they are genuinely trying to come up with better HD quality. They may have joined the party late, but you will find HD material inside. There are thousands of mp4 formats in HD mode and also they have windows media files.

The streaming functions of the flv player are nice, dependable, and they have formats for mobile devices. They have this feature where you can make your own unique clips and then store them as your private collection. Saving other scenes you fall for is also possible.

Filtering and sorting is driven by the feature rich navigation layout of this site. They know they have a lot of action and thus members need impressive ways of sorting the material. That is what the filters, search options, tags, category, niches, and tools all offer you.

You still have premium channels listed inside that you can join. You have the flow mode feature that is awesome. Basically, you can watch multiple scenes on one screen, click the one you want, it pops up, click back and you have multiple scenes again! This feature is unique to these guys and makes previewing material a hell lot easier.

We dare you to look for a site that can give you the numbers, the features, the DVD porno, the niches, the pornstars, and navigational quality that Videobox offers you every single day! You will not be successful! They are one of kind, still the best deal in town. Check them out!


Exclusive Hustler Discount

59 cents a day – $17.95 – 30 Days

33 cents a day – $9.95/mo. – One Year


Average Membership Price: $29.95 per month

Whenever you hear the word Hustler, what strikes your mind first? Well, back in the days, when there was much lesser perversion in the absence of visualization, the word basically meant someone who has so good at doing business there was no way one could decline the deal.


But, today, the tides have turned, moods have changed and definitions have been juggled and in many ways terribly. Then again, who’s to blame? Hustler simply stands for anyone who’s so good at getting laid, be it a stud or a ratchet. This goes in relation to a site we all know as

Hustler, as many would put it, is one of the most promising porn sites of today. It features a plethora of the finest porn stars, in every sense of the word finest. They have the face, the bodacious figure and appeal that every man could look for a partner. They have all the girls that guys would spend every bit of their dime for just to get on a date with. They are the type of girls that will make you feel so proud and give you the sweetheart feels over and over again. The best part with this site is that it takes you all the way to the deepest depths of these girls — the getting laid with them part. Epic as always. definitely claims it all. Apart from the wonderful models and the perfect acting, they have massively quantified their performance with a great number of videos proportionate to the peaking quality of every piece. There are over 10,000 videos to watch ranging from 10 to 40 minutes each of run time. There are photo sets as added bonus and you can download as much as you want on a daily basis.

Then again, everything comes with a price, which Hustler makes easy for you to pay. For only 17.95 dollars a month, you take home as much pornography as you want.

Exclusive Discount

66 cents a day – $19.95 – 30 Days

27 cents a day – $8.33/mo. – One Year


Average Membership Price: $29.95 per month

I once had a girlfriend who was the first to call me babe, and, man, I’m telling you, the world really does something to you. It would automatically undermine your innocence drawing you to a commonplace we all know as perversion.

Since that girlfriend, my life has never been the same. We had sex every week when we reached four months of being together. We worried once that my condom might have been ineffective and that my sperm could have entered her vagina through to the ovarian stuff whatever. But then, it was false worrying and we carried on until we ended our relationship eight months later. So much for that, it goes in relation with today’s topic to review. The site we all know as

The site is basically the clear definition of a real babe is, because yes, there are qualifications for one to become one. First of all, a girl needs to be appealing in a way or two. She has to have the pretty face, one that launch a thousand ships with just a glance. She needs to have the curvilicious build or big boobs or big butt. Nevertheless, she has to be a complete package of someone who has the sex appeal.

Actually, so long as one has the sex appeal, she can be considered a babe. And, lets you see the manifestations of that through its wonderfully lustful creations. It also exhibits many of the finest new talents in the adult industry.

If you’re after a porn site that makes you feel like it’s really alive, up and running, then would be a good choice for the fact that it updates it database on a day-to-day basis. It has currently 420 videos from an original 300 during its initial launch. Basically, you can expect the number rise everyday, making you know that there’s always something new in your daily visits. The videos would run from 15 to 30 minutes each, but the site promises that it will also inject full movies soon with impactful casting and story lines. That hints us how it would incorporate powerhouse celebrities in the near future. Overall, it’s 9.5 out of 10 for your 10 dollars a month.


Exclusive WeAreHairy Discount

88 cents a day – $26.65/mo. – Three Months


Average Membership Price: $34.95 per month

There’s something about hairy men that really appeals to a lot of women. Well, I guess that is not subject to questioning because the moment you see those manly hair, you’ll know why. But, what if the case was reversed? What if men had feminine almost hairless skin while women had all the hair men could really use for some ego boost?


It may seem kind of creepy and weird or queer for that matter, but yes, women with excessive hair around the unusual areas do exist. And if you want to see them in live porn action, all you have to do is log on to the portal I’ve been swimming through for the past couple weeks. It’s called WeAreHairy and yes, it is definitely the most bearable hairy women site.

For you to not be mistaken, it’s not about girls having beards or arm hair, okay? It’s about women who have excessive hair in their armpits and on their pubes. I mean, it’s unusual for them to be too armpit hairy, right? Anyhow, WeAreHairy is an adult site that exhibits the enjoyment one can get from engaging to sex with the presence of fluffy hair that makes a perfect treat for the face and for the tongue every time a guy has to lick that hairy vagina. It’s also about passion and emotion, that with love, nothing is really ever an obstacle or a challenge. Everything is merely a proof of fidelity.

WeAreHairy won’t disappoint you. For one thing, it does not run short on its productions. There are over 2,500 videos within the site’s database and they are as diverse as any massive porn site. You get to choose the genre you want and skim through the long list you have along the way. The videos run from 15 to 30 minutes each and all videos are playable in HD. So basically, it’s worth more than the $19 you have to pay for it every month. Nevertheless, enjoy!

Exclusive Penthouse Discount

33 cents a day – $9.99/mo. – One Year


Average Membership Price: $24.99 per month

When I was a kid, I used to be really innocent. But of course, as my mantra always goes, junior innocence is something that of the evanescent sense. When I was a teenager, my father stacked all of these nude magazines and he didn’t even know I found out about them.

He didn’t even know that I actually sneaked inside his room every night as he falls deep into slumber in order to grab one of his golden possessions and return them back in the morning once business was done. One of those magazines was Penthouse and to this day, the magazine lives and in a much bigger scale. It’s now

Penthouse is one of those ancient possessions that you can’t just let go, especially if you have grown from the 80’s where not much resources can be found for sexy stuff and that the only thing that moves you forward are flat images on paper. So much for that, is the revolutionary version of my hometown favorite and in its transcendence to the digital world, it has been consistent in the most progressive way exhibiting porn contents that range from the oldies to the modern day revolutionaries. And that is really a great edge to the site because through it, you will be able to see how the industry has really evolve through the ages and how the niceties of each generation truly correlate to one another.

What Do You Get with Penthouse? gives you more than what you could ever wish for. Or maybe that’s just me. Anyhow, there are several genres that you can choose from through this magazine based adult site. First you have the MILFs which is always my favorite because who doesn’t want to fuck someone who’s got bigger boobs after having conceived children and someone as experienced as a master artist. There are over 2,000 plus scenes that you can choose from ranging from, again, MILFs, and of course other genres that would really suit your taste such as busty teenagers and slutty teachers and so much more. The quality of the videos are also high quality with some being HD. For what it’s worth, there’s definitely no regretting your 10 bucks a month of fee.


Exclusive KarupsPC Discount

77 cents a day – $23.31/mo. – 90 Days


Average Membership Price: $29.95 per month

How do you know that a person is an expert? Simple: You check out his history and once you get to know he’s been doing one thing for quite a while now or for a time long enough for mastery, that would definitely be proof enough. The same thing applies to porn sites.


If you really want to get the best, you’re gonna have to consider to only watch porn from the best creators who goes by profound and long-winded experience. What better way can you get that kind of substantive history in the name of porn other than from a site that’s been up since the early 90’s? What I’m talking about is an interesting porn site called KarupsPC. 

Karups PC is your treasure chest for a diverse type of porn contents. Think about it, they have started collecting and compiling porn videos since 1997, where Madonna was still a hotter chick than she is a fuckable cougar now. Basically, you will get to enjoy the vintage feel of the classic porn videos from the hustlers of the adult industry. The journey of Karups PC goes all the way to the modern times, which goes to say you will have a massive amount of porn genres to watch from different perspectives, genres and them. All the files here are compiled chronologically allowing you to easily skim through the files and get the sexual archives you have been looking for. 

Today, there are over 4,400 videos in the database of KarupsPC. But that’s just the beginning of it because there are over 25 updates per week that involve freshly retrieved sex scene clippings from a wide variety of x-rated movies as well as videos created by the rest of America. That categories are so vast you would be able to enjoy the show every time you log on to your PC. There are also photo galleries worth watching and all the videos are downloadable. All you need is $29.99 a month and you should be good to go with KarupsPC.


Exclusive POVD Discount

59 cents a day – $17.95 – 30 Days

33 cents a day – $9.96/mo. – One Year


Average Membership Price: $29.95 per month

When was the last time you really had sex? Do you still remember the experience? Well, who wouldn’t? But if you’ve been feeling so horny for a very long time now and you think you really need something to fill up that emptiness, you really need to get laid then.


Then again, we can’t always have a fuck buddy whenever we want to. It would take some fishing time and you know how valuable your time is. Why not make things easier for you? Get that magnificent sexual feeling again the first or the few times you got laid in the past through POVD. 

I don’t know what the D stands for, but the POV definitely goes for point of view. That basically means through this porn site, you will get to enjoy POV videos, taken from a man’s perspective as he hooks up with several women throughout his mortal existence. I could really say that this idea of a porn site is quite a genius because it’s just like watching a 3D movie with 3D glasses. It’s just that this one is better because it’s like you are really having sex with a girl of your choice, all in the database of POVD. Also, the way they act and deliver themselves, the girl, it’s just purely amazing that would be enamored to really fuck. 

There’s really much to explore through to the deepest receptacles of POVD. But if you’re gonna talk about the number of videos you get to watch, there are hundreds of them available in the database and of course there are specials they get to release on a weekly basis, about around 29 videos per week. There are also photo galleries that contain many of the finest porn artistry in the adult industry. You will also noticed how young the women are, it’s because the creators of the site wants to refresh the minds of those who have gone past their youth ages too and get a bite of how it was the first time to get laid. And this site enhances the whole experience by adding up 3D sound technology for better, clearer and crisper moaning sounds.

POVD wants you to enjoy life at its most because you only live once. And it’s only $17.95 a month!

Digital Playground

Exclusive Digital Playground Discount

59 cents a day – $17.95 – 30 Days

33 cents a day – $10.00/mo. – One Year


Average Membership Price: $29.99 per month

From the moment you open the Digital Playground site, you realize you are playing with the professionals. is aptly named, since all of the digital media on this site is above perfection. These are full length, breathtaking movies, filled with all the delights we want to see, over and over again. Plus, filled with our favorite porn stars, like Sash Grey, Alexis Texas, Jenna Haze and Tori Black.


Once you are a member, you get to see over 2, 800 scenes, these you can watch in Trulife HD, which has to be porn viewing at its best. Each movie has its own set of pictures, which not only summarize the movie but are also delicious to look at. What is the downside of all this you might be wondering? You cannot download these files you can only flash stream them.

This hasn’t put off members so it seems. Once hooked onto this very classy, but hardcore site you will not settle for less.

Great Hardcore Scenes with Beautiful Women

The women on this site are beautiful, the type of women we dream of banging daily. Luckily Digital Playground has captured them on film for you. To perv over whenever you feel like it. They get up to all sorts of antics like, shower sex, anal, gym fucking, orgies, outdoors, exhibitionist and more. With great movie titles like ‘Teacher’ you know you are going to get off and get off soon.

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Nuru Massage

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If you have been around porn, a lot, like me for example. You will begin to seek a little bit more, something more than just a quick bang. You start to find the same old close ups of pussy and dick pumping faster than the speed of light a little boring, a little repetitive. You start to seek sensuality.


This is where Nuru Massage is making great footholds in the porn market today. This is sensuality at its best. Oiled up bodies, stroking, kissing and sensual delights is what Nuru Massage is all about.

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Let’s imagine for a moment that you pop in to get your usual massage. The girl that is going to ‘service you’ for this massage is a tiny beauty with deft hands and a beautiful body. She glides her hands along your back, oiled and warm. Then along your thighs, your inner thighs, your belly and finally she brushes your dick.

This goes on for what seems like hours and hours. The next moment you can see her perfect breasts, taught with excitement as she glides over your entire body sighing in pleasure. Then she starts kissing you deeply. Finally you can’t take any more and she opens her legs and gives her self to you in all ways. That means pussy and anal.

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The whole site is sexy, saucy and seductive. Not an easy combination to get right.

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If you want to see girls naked, then don’t do drugs and invade a woman’s home. Instead, do your homework and reward yourself with a porn video at night.


But, if you want to see amazing women naked and in action throughout an entire length of a video episode, then you’re gonna want to view the contents of Twistys, which is where all of the most gorgeous women are nestled in the finest of ways, singing and dancing in bed with real splendor. 

Twistys is a porn site that is pro originality and pro ultimately beautiful women. It lives to believe that most of the shiniest stars in the universe are those that are less noticed, which is the very reason why they hire new actresses every now and then believing that every gorgeous girl, unfounded, will need to be put into the stage and be given the kind of splendor they deserve. If you go through the database of Twistys, you will notice on every thumbnail that every woman has an angelic face and curves that are just magical. When you play the video, you will be surprised all the more with the amazing-ness that exudes until the very end, making you want to have more and actually drawing you into bed action with your partner or with a partner. 

There are over 7,100 videos so far in their database, which originally started out as 1,000. Each video runs at about 13 minutes each and all the videos are diversified and categorized, which means you can vary your choices and not be lost because you can always turn to categories whenever you feel like watching from a certain kind of lens. There are also 17,000 photo galleries that would collapse all the way to millions of magical sex photos.

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Reality Kings

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As my mantra would go, reality is always the best. There are plenty of things where reality will still always be better than any virtual fantasy you could think of.


Well, games are nice, but what kind of guy doesn’t want sexology better? And sex is always better when it is happening and is real to your sensations. But if you’re sex life is still at bay or perhaps you want to improve it, you could definitely get the kind of inspiration you need with Reality Kings. 

As the name would suggest, Reality Kings is a porn site where everything you will get to see are a simulation of real life sexing or perhaps something unscripted and just taken out of the blues, you know, like impromptu. That is after all the very essence of this porn network. While all of the contents would feel so real, you should know that there are a lot of interesting back stories for each video, episode or movie. For most of the times, the director would just tell the actors how the sex scene is supposed to go and then the actors will just do their thing and sometimes they do a couple takes for 5 to minutes each, then the directors will decide on which take seemed to have the “freestyle”and “authentic” qualities. Furthermore, some of the best porn stars you will enjoy watching here would be Josey LeMoore, Sexxxy Patty and so much more. 

Apart from giving you the reality chills and authentic feels, Reality Kings is focused on fortifying its database with a massive amount of real porn videos. By real, that would mean to say like magnitude of 10 earthquake sex videos that will really shatter your world into crowning glory. Simply put, amazing content. There are over 8,500 videos that you will get to enjoy, each having an average run time of 15 minutes. You will get to enjoy the advanced search feature and how the contents are being categorized, constituting to an easy user experience.

Also, there are 8,000 photo galleries that can really be enjoyed at its finest. Now, for a $7.95 subscription rate, you’re definitely getting the most out of you’re money. If you’re thinking about subscribing, you probably should. Enjoy!