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Average Membership Price: $29.95 per month

When was the last time you really had sex? Do you still remember the experience? Well, who wouldn’t? But if you’ve been feeling so horny for a very long time now and you think you really need something to fill up that emptiness, you really need to get laid then.


Then again, we can’t always have a fuck buddy whenever we want to. It would take some fishing time and you know how valuable your time is. Why not make things easier for you? Get that magnificent sexual feeling again the first or the few times you got laid in the past through POVD. 

I don’t know what the D stands for, but the POV definitely goes for point of view. That basically means through this porn site, you will get to enjoy POV videos, taken from a man’s perspective as he hooks up with several women throughout his mortal existence. I could really say that this idea of a porn site is quite a genius because it’s just like watching a 3D movie with 3D glasses. It’s just that this one is better because it’s like you are really having sex with a girl of your choice, all in the database of POVD. Also, the way they act and deliver themselves, the girl, it’s just purely amazing that would be enamored to really fuck. 

There’s really much to explore through to the deepest receptacles of POVD. But if you’re gonna talk about the number of videos you get to watch, there are hundreds of them available in the database and of course there are specials they get to release on a weekly basis, about around 29 videos per week. There are also photo galleries that contain many of the finest porn artistry in the adult industry. You will also noticed how young the women are, it’s because the creators of the site wants to refresh the minds of those who have gone past their youth ages too and get a bite of how it was the first time to get laid. And this site enhances the whole experience by adding up 3D sound technology for better, clearer and crisper moaning sounds.

POVD wants you to enjoy life at its most because you only live once. And it’s only $17.95 a month!

Digital Playground

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Average Membership Price: $29.99 per month

From the moment you open the Digital Playground site, you realize you are playing with the professionals. DigitalPlayground.com is aptly named, since all of the digital media on this site is above perfection. These are full length, breathtaking movies, filled with all the delights we want to see, over and over again. Plus, filled with our favorite porn stars, like Sash Grey, Alexis Texas, Jenna Haze and Tori Black.


Once you are a member, you get to see over 2, 800 scenes, these you can watch in Trulife HD, which has to be porn viewing at its best. Each movie has its own set of pictures, which not only summarize the movie but are also delicious to look at. What is the downside of all this you might be wondering? You cannot download these files you can only flash stream them.

This hasn’t put off members so it seems. Once hooked onto this very classy, but hardcore site you will not settle for less.

Great Hardcore Scenes with Beautiful Women

The women on this site are beautiful, the type of women we dream of banging daily. Luckily Digital Playground has captured them on film for you. To perv over whenever you feel like it. They get up to all sorts of antics like, shower sex, anal, gym fucking, orgies, outdoors, exhibitionist and more. With great movie titles like ‘Teacher’ you know you are going to get off and get off soon.

Once you join you get some great bonuses too, which massive archives that are updated regularly. These are updated as scenes so you get quite a few all at once.

Exclusive Content

The content is exclusive to DigitalPlayground, meaning you won’t see any of these sexy scenes you have paid to see anywhere else. The content is varied and exciting, updates very regular,


If you are looking for quality scenes with some of the hottest chicks in porn and are not phased by the no download option, but instead enjoy streaming, you will love this classy and well put together site. Digital Playground has been around long enough to garner the interest of porn punters worldwide and continues to do so.

Nuru Massage

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Average Membership Price: $29.95 per month

If you have been around porn, a lot, like me for example. You will begin to seek a little bit more, something more than just a quick bang. You start to find the same old close ups of pussy and dick pumping faster than the speed of light a little boring, a little repetitive. You start to seek sensuality.


This is where Nuru Massage is making great footholds in the porn market today. This is sensuality at its best. Oiled up bodies, stroking, kissing and sensual delights is what Nuru Massage is all about.

She massages your thighs, then inner thighs

Let’s imagine for a moment that you pop in to get your usual massage. The girl that is going to ‘service you’ for this massage is a tiny beauty with deft hands and a beautiful body. She glides her hands along your back, oiled and warm. Then along your thighs, your inner thighs, your belly and finally she brushes your dick.

This goes on for what seems like hours and hours. The next moment you can see her perfect breasts, taught with excitement as she glides over your entire body sighing in pleasure. Then she starts kissing you deeply. Finally you can’t take any more and she opens her legs and gives her self to you in all ways. That means pussy and anal.

Sounds a little bit like heaven doesn’t it?

Nuru Massage is fast becoming a cult hit, with its different kind of energy, beautiful willing girls and muscular men seeking the ultimate. Sensual massage and hardcore sex.

Inside you get

Thousands of photographs, hundreds of full length movies and the ability to download these juicy bits of media onto various portals including mobile devices and using the regular WMV and MP4 formats.

Scenes that are not only sensual but also have a bit of a theme or story line in them. Like a naughty Sheik, a horny threesome, lesbian fun and much more.

The whole site is sexy, saucy and seductive. Not an easy combination to get right.

This site is going far

When you join you get some great bonus sites too. Including ‘All Girl Massage’ and ‘Milking Table’. This site is going to to far, so you might as well jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the sensual and seductive powers of the Nuru Massage.


Exclusive Twistys Discount

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Average Membership Price: $29.99 per month

If you want to see girls naked, then don’t do drugs and invade a woman’s home. Instead, do your homework and reward yourself with a porn video at night.


But, if you want to see amazing women naked and in action throughout an entire length of a video episode, then you’re gonna want to view the contents of Twistys, which is where all of the most gorgeous women are nestled in the finest of ways, singing and dancing in bed with real splendor. 

Twistys is a porn site that is pro originality and pro ultimately beautiful women. It lives to believe that most of the shiniest stars in the universe are those that are less noticed, which is the very reason why they hire new actresses every now and then believing that every gorgeous girl, unfounded, will need to be put into the stage and be given the kind of splendor they deserve. If you go through the database of Twistys, you will notice on every thumbnail that every woman has an angelic face and curves that are just magical. When you play the video, you will be surprised all the more with the amazing-ness that exudes until the very end, making you want to have more and actually drawing you into bed action with your partner or with a partner. 

There are over 7,100 videos so far in their database, which originally started out as 1,000. Each video runs at about 13 minutes each and all the videos are diversified and categorized, which means you can vary your choices and not be lost because you can always turn to categories whenever you feel like watching from a certain kind of lens. There are also 17,000 photo galleries that would collapse all the way to millions of magical sex photos.

For a subscription rate of $7.95 every month, you’re definitely getting the most out of your money with Twistys wonderful porn database from the quality to quantity. Enjoy!

Reality Kings

Exclusive Reality Kings Discount

59 cents a day – $17.95 – 30 Days

26 cents a day – $7.95/mo. - One Year


Average Membership Price: $39.95 per month

As my mantra would go, reality is always the best. There are plenty of things where reality will still always be better than any virtual fantasy you could think of.


Well, games are nice, but what kind of guy doesn’t want sexology better? And sex is always better when it is happening and is real to your sensations. But if you’re sex life is still at bay or perhaps you want to improve it, you could definitely get the kind of inspiration you need with Reality Kings. 

As the name would suggest, Reality Kings is a porn site where everything you will get to see are a simulation of real life sexing or perhaps something unscripted and just taken out of the blues, you know, like impromptu. That is after all the very essence of this porn network. While all of the contents would feel so real, you should know that there are a lot of interesting back stories for each video, episode or movie. For most of the times, the director would just tell the actors how the sex scene is supposed to go and then the actors will just do their thing and sometimes they do a couple takes for 5 to minutes each, then the directors will decide on which take seemed to have the “freestyle”and “authentic” qualities. Furthermore, some of the best porn stars you will enjoy watching here would be Josey LeMoore, Sexxxy Patty and so much more. 

Apart from giving you the reality chills and authentic feels, Reality Kings is focused on fortifying its database with a massive amount of real porn videos. By real, that would mean to say like magnitude of 10 earthquake sex videos that will really shatter your world into crowning glory. Simply put, amazing content. There are over 8,500 videos that you will get to enjoy, each having an average run time of 15 minutes. You will get to enjoy the advanced search feature and how the contents are being categorized, constituting to an easy user experience.

Also, there are 8,000 photo galleries that can really be enjoyed at its finest. Now, for a $7.95 subscription rate, you’re definitely getting the most out of you’re money. If you’re thinking about subscribing, you probably should. Enjoy!