Exclusive Erito Discount

59 cents a day – $17.95 – 30 Days

33 cents a day – $9.99/mo. – One Year


Average Membership Price: $29.99 per month

Erito has Japanese gals that will lead you into the deep waters of oriental seduction. They have charm; they have erotic bodies, asses, boobs, and the tightest and nastiest holes that will predictably give you a hard prick. They promise you that with your one membership you will have access to various sites.


They also make sure to state that they are updating regularly and they are advancing the quality of their material to HD action. All these promises sound…well…promising! So, we really had to check them out!

The first step is to log into the site and travel to the membership area. There are multiple sites inside there and you will find 109+ models. These are the finest Japanese gals that the site has managed to round up and it definitely shows! When you examine their bodies, you will see the erotic radiance shining through, tempting you, playing with your cravings! The site updates daily with multiple updates. A soon as you have decided where you want to begin, you will be able to move forward very easily. They offer soft and hardcore porn.

These guys are not so old, but they have managed to come up with 484+ videos with promise of more coming every day. You will find many milfs waiting to show you why old is gold, teens learning all the hardcore ropes when it comes to sex, cosplay action, costume, fantasy, and general Japanese porn. The gals do all the penetrations you like including anal, pussy, fingering, blowjobs, and so on. The gals may look shy, but when the director start rolling, that shyness turns into sexual energy that oozes from the material in sorts of ways. If you like the outdoor sex niche, you will find lots of examples inside here that will show you why we consider these Japanese sexy vixens some of the best! The erotica is pure and the seduction and hardcore sex scenes are shot in great filming angles and production.

We need to tell you that the action inside is a bit different for other mainstream hardcore sex porn sites. You see, the Japanese hardcore scenes blur the actual penetration of the penis into the vagina. They will not show you this part at all, but they will show you pubic hairs. So, if this is something that aggravates but you still can live with it, good, because this is the only disappoint that these guys have. They have lot of HD movies inside. We dint see any pic galleries or downloading options, just streaming options!

Erito does have a lot of japans models and porn, but they also have some shortfalls. The good thing is that the positive aspects of the site far outweigh any negatives you will encounter. Overall, we would recommend this site for those interested in the Japanese niche.

Pink Visual

Exclusive Pink Visual Discount

77 cents a day – $23.31/mo. – 90 Days

26 cents a day – $7.83/mo. – 365 Days


Average Membership Price: $29.95 per month

Pink Visual Pass is stepping into the all-in-one porn pass market with its offering of 28 porn sites. It is claiming that it has the power to provide 95 updates every month! The network is also boldly saying that it has 2180+ videos and 2180+ picture galleries for members to begin enjoying. And what of the categories that it covers? There is no mainstream porn niche that these guys shy away from! Now, all this is well and good and we are eager to find out more about this network.


One rule of thumb that we have come to realize when it comes to the adult entertainment industry is that the better looking the models are, the more entertaining the material inside is. This is true for this network of sites. You will see many famous faces inside from various ethnic backgrounds. This is a good sign since it means lots of variety. The basic navigation map that they have provided for members is encouraging also. The latest updates can be seen on the homepage. You will find links that will link you to videos that have the highest rating, most watched, and updates. They have not labeled the episodes so that they can make it easy to identify which site the episode comes from. This is a light issue; you can go to the individual sites also and check out the material inside.

You will have flash player (to stream) and video formats for downloading. The reaction we had when we looked at the videos was that they are studio production quality. The new videos are in HD formats. We found the pic sets can have as many as 200 images each. The zip file was definitely handy for downloading. Using the search feature given, you will easily locate all the models and stars inside this network. This search feature also helps in finding the right kind of material to get your motor running!

This megasite is very good when it comes to the variety of material that they have. Gangbang, strip tease, reality, hardcore, coeds, milfs, butts and boobs, plus a deep rich variety of genres inside all keep you very busy. You get to rank the material as well as add all the episodes you consider to be your favorites! Can you believe that these guys also have a bonus content tab inside their network? They do, and you can catch more action including third party video feeds. You will find other small details and thing inside that really make this network pass very well rounded!

Pink Visual Pass is a rising star that you need to hitch a ride to and enjoy all the benefits of such a quality mega site. They do mix a lot together in order for you can have a memorable time inside. You should check out these guys!


Exclusive VideosZ Discount

59 cents a day – $17.95 – 30 Days

33 cents a day – $10.00/mo. – One Year


Average Membership Price: $29.95 per month

VideosZ creates this comfortable environment where members can have hundreds of porn movies and models at the touch of a button! The archive that these guys are offering is like porn paradise for those not willing to spend hundreds of dollars for the smut movies they like.


The archives you will see inside contain some high quality porno. They have always worked very hard trying to add more and more porno to their archives. That is why they have over 15407 DVD movies inside! This large amount of material is what draws in the crowds and what has made us review them here today so that you know what exactly you are getting into. VideosZ contains a search engine. This engine brings you all the results once you type in what your craving is demanding. There is DVD menu browsing option inside. You will also find the material has been cut into other categories like pornstars, features, series, DVD, and so on.

You will be able to locate various genres and studio production easily once inside. Nothing inside the navigational features looks too glitzy, but they all do their job and get you where you need to be. Operational, simple, and standard navigational tools! You can select more than one niche to get things rolling inside the archive section. When you get the DVD porno action that slaps you in the face and demands you watch it, you can click on it, and you will be transferred to the page that shows you all the scenes. The thumbs and the light descriptions are awesome since they let you sample and see if this is really what you want to start with, or not!

DVD action inside is classified according to niches. There is the online flash player that makes streaming a joy. You will find avi, mp4, and windows media file formats available. Scenes can be 25 minutes, and do they have HD material? They sure do! As for the pornstars and the niches they cover, you will find a very rich collection inside. Depraved and sexual smuts will take part in all your favorite hardcore genres including massive facials, anal, pussy play, lesbian, orgies, DP, blowjobs, and all other niches we know you love watching. Hardcore is what you get since it is hardcore you thirst for! Personally, we don’t know how a site can have over 90000 scenes! That is just crazy, but that is exactly what these guys bring. No doubts here, you are never going to run out of material to watch inside this site.

If it looks great, feels great, and acts great, then it’s great! That is what we fell about VideosZ. It’s simply amazing how much porno material you can have inside this site, check them out now!