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If you have been around porn, a lot, like me for example. You will begin to seek a little bit more, something more than just a quick bang. You start to find the same old close ups of pussy and dick pumping faster than the speed of light a little boring, a little repetitive. You start to seek sensuality.


This is where Nuru Massage is making great footholds in the porn market today. This is sensuality at its best. Oiled up bodies, stroking, kissing and sensual delights is what Nuru Massage is all about.

She massages your thighs, then inner thighs

Let’s imagine for a moment that you pop in to get your usual massage. The girl that is going to ‘service you’ for this massage is a tiny beauty with deft hands and a beautiful body. She glides her hands along your back, oiled and warm. Then along your thighs, your inner thighs, your belly and finally she brushes your dick.

This goes on for what seems like hours and hours. The next moment you can see her perfect breasts, taught with excitement as she glides over your entire body sighing in pleasure. Then she starts kissing you deeply. Finally you can’t take any more and she opens her legs and gives her self to you in all ways. That means pussy and anal.

Sounds a little bit like heaven doesn’t it?

Nuru Massage is fast becoming a cult hit, with its different kind of energy, beautiful willing girls and muscular men seeking the ultimate. Sensual massage and hardcore sex.

Inside you get

Thousands of photographs, hundreds of full length movies and the ability to download these juicy bits of media onto various portals including mobile devices and using the regular WMV and MP4 formats.

Scenes that are not only sensual but also have a bit of a theme or story line in them. Like a naughty Sheik, a horny threesome, lesbian fun and much more.

The whole site is sexy, saucy and seductive. Not an easy combination to get right.

This site is going far

When you join you get some great bonus sites too. Including ‘All Girl Massage’ and ‘Milking Table’. This site is going to to far, so you might as well jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the sensual and seductive powers of the Nuru Massage.