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When I was a kid, I used to be really innocent. But of course, as my mantra always goes, junior innocence is something that of the evanescent sense. When I was a teenager, my father stacked all of these nude magazines and he didn’t even know I found out about them.

He didn’t even know that I actually sneaked inside his room every night as he falls deep into slumber in order to grab one of his golden possessions and return them back in the morning once business was done. One of those magazines was Penthouse and to this day, the magazine lives and in a much bigger scale. It’s now

Penthouse is one of those ancient possessions that you can’t just let go, especially if you have grown from the 80’s where not much resources can be found for sexy stuff and that the only thing that moves you forward are flat images on paper. So much for that, is the revolutionary version of my hometown favorite and in its transcendence to the digital world, it has been consistent in the most progressive way exhibiting porn contents that range from the oldies to the modern day revolutionaries. And that is really a great edge to the site because through it, you will be able to see how the industry has really evolve through the ages and how the niceties of each generation truly correlate to one another.

What Do You Get with Penthouse? gives you more than what you could ever wish for. Or maybe that’s just me. Anyhow, there are several genres that you can choose from through this magazine based adult site. First you have the MILFs which is always my favorite because who doesn’t want to fuck someone who’s got bigger boobs after having conceived children and someone as experienced as a master artist. There are over 2,000 plus scenes that you can choose from ranging from, again, MILFs, and of course other genres that would really suit your taste such as busty teenagers and slutty teachers and so much more. The quality of the videos are also high quality with some being HD. For what it’s worth, there’s definitely no regretting your 10 bucks a month of fee.