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As my mantra would go, reality is always the best. There are plenty of things where reality will still always be better than any virtual fantasy you could think of.


Well, games are nice, but what kind of guy doesn’t want sexology better? And sex is always better when it is happening and is real to your sensations. But if you’re sex life is still at bay or perhaps you want to improve it, you could definitely get the kind of inspiration you need with Reality Kings. 

As the name would suggest, Reality Kings is a porn site where everything you will get to see are a simulation of real life sexing or perhaps something unscripted and just taken out of the blues, you know, like impromptu. That is after all the very essence of this porn network. While all of the contents would feel so real, you should know that there are a lot of interesting back stories for each video, episode or movie. For most of the times, the director would just tell the actors how the sex scene is supposed to go and then the actors will just do their thing and sometimes they do a couple takes for 5 to minutes each, then the directors will decide on which take seemed to have the “freestyle”and “authentic” qualities. Furthermore, some of the best porn stars you will enjoy watching here would be Josey LeMoore, Sexxxy Patty and so much more. 

Apart from giving you the reality chills and authentic feels, Reality Kings is focused on fortifying its database with a massive amount of real porn videos. By real, that would mean to say like magnitude of 10 earthquake sex videos that will really shatter your world into crowning glory. Simply put, amazing content. There are over 8,500 videos that you will get to enjoy, each having an average run time of 15 minutes. You will get to enjoy the advanced search feature and how the contents are being categorized, constituting to an easy user experience.

Also, there are 8,000 photo galleries that can really be enjoyed at its finest. Now, for a $7.95 subscription rate, you’re definitely getting the most out of you’re money. If you’re thinking about subscribing, you probably should. Enjoy!