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The good thing about Videobox is that they are genuinely trying to come up with better HD quality. They may have joined the party late, but you will find HD material inside. There are thousands of mp4 formats in HD mode and also they have windows media files.

The streaming functions of the flv player are nice, dependable, and they have formats for mobile devices. They have this feature where you can make your own unique clips and then store them as your private collection. Saving other scenes you fall for is also possible.

Filtering and sorting is driven by the feature rich navigation layout of this site. They know they have a lot of action and thus members need impressive ways of sorting the material. That is what the filters, search options, tags, category, niches, and tools all offer you.

You still have premium channels listed inside that you can join. You have the flow mode feature that is awesome. Basically, you can watch multiple scenes on one screen, click the one you want, it pops up, click back and you have multiple scenes again! This feature is unique to these guys and makes previewing material a hell lot easier.

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