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There’s something about hairy men that really appeals to a lot of women. Well, I guess that is not subject to questioning because the moment you see those manly hair, you’ll know why. But, what if the case was reversed? What if men had feminine almost hairless skin while women had all the hair men could really use for some ego boost?


It may seem kind of creepy and weird or queer for that matter, but yes, women with excessive hair around the unusual areas do exist. And if you want to see them in live porn action, all you have to do is log on to the portal I’ve been swimming through for the past couple weeks. It’s called WeAreHairy and yes, it is definitely the most bearable hairy women site.

For you to not be mistaken, it’s not about girls having beards or arm hair, okay? It’s about women who have excessive hair in their armpits and on their pubes. I mean, it’s unusual for them to be too armpit hairy, right? Anyhow, WeAreHairy is an adult site that exhibits the enjoyment one can get from engaging to sex with the presence of fluffy hair that makes a perfect treat for the face and for the tongue every time a guy has to lick that hairy vagina. It’s also about passion and emotion, that with love, nothing is really ever an obstacle or a challenge. Everything is merely a proof of fidelity.

WeAreHairy won’t disappoint you. For one thing, it does not run short on its productions. There are over 2,500 videos within the site’s database and they are as diverse as any massive porn site. You get to choose the genre you want and skim through the long list you have along the way. The videos run from 15 to 30 minutes each and all videos are playable in HD. So basically, it’s worth more than the $19 you have to pay for it every month. Nevertheless, enjoy!